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All natural ingredients hydrate your hands like no water based lotions can, and help them recover from the toughest WODs.

The cream provides instant relief from the drying effects of chalk and the grinding hands take on the bar, bells, and ropes.

Help keep calluses and thick areas of palms smooth and uniform. Regular tending to these ridges and tough spots is essential to preventing rips and tears from forming.

PS: The stone will last a life time, Solid Salve and RX Cream will last a very long time .

How to use

Step 1 » Hydrate your Calluses 

Use w.o.d.welder salve on your calluses, ridges or blisters on your hands/feet. It hydrates them and helps keep them smooth and even, which helps prevent torn hands from endless muscle ups and too much time on the bar. If you're already ripped, apply salve directly to help speed repair. The natural active ingredients start the healing process immediately. You will be amazed how improved your hands are within 24 hours.

Step 2 » Daily Pumice Action

Calluses rip because they are tough and thick, creating friction on any equipment you are dominating. Use our all natural pumice stone daily to groom them. Sand them down and keep them low

Step 3 » Condition Skin with Hands as Rx Cream 2oz

Use our Hands as Rx cream daily to block the drying effects of chalk, and to keep your palms supple and smooth. The formula aids wound healing and healthy tissue formation. Absorbs fast and leaves a cooling peppermint eucalyptus scent.